Facts about Lions

Lion, Predator, Sleep, Dangerous, Mane

Lions are the top cats of Africa!

Lions are the only social cats, living in groups called Wildlife Removal prides.

Male lions are the only cats with manes – a trait of which the origin and purpose has divided scientists

Living in prides helps lions survive in tough times, proving particularly good for the vulnerable young cubs that require security.

From the pride, lionesses specialize in searching whereas the huge males’ purpose is to offer protection from outsiders.

Lions take down a variety of prey animals including gazelles, wildebeest, buffaloes and even elephants in certain parts of Africa (e.g. Botswana).

Lions do not like competition and often attack and kill fellow predators such as leopards, hyenas and cheetahs.

Contrary to popular belief, recent research indicates male lions get involved in 50-60% of hunts – particularly when it is required to bring down larger prey.

9. Additionally there is increasing evidence that lions do scavenge and often assault hyenas to steal their kills.

Though not as infamous as tigers for man-eating, lions do at times resort to attacking people – displaying great cunning and bravery ~ as seen in the case of Tsavo man-eaters nearly a century ago.

A pride consists of interrelated females and one to four adult men ~ young male lions are kicked out of the pride when they show signs of maturity.

These young males, called nomads, then wander around, forming coalitions and living on their own until they reach enough maturity and strength to take over a pride of their own.

Lion is called the king of beasts because of his bravery and fighting skills!


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