Man Of War Jellyfish

Image result for Man Of War JellyfishThe Portuguese Man Of War jellyfish is a gorgeous jellyfish that can be found in the tropical and subtropical areas of the Pacific and the Indian Ocean. They have a very venomous sting, but it’s not deadly just very painful. The Portuguese Man of War jellyfish, also called’Physalia Physalis’ lives in Hawaii and travel in groups of hundreds or even thousands of people.

The Portuguese Man Of War Jellyfish is a very special creature. It is said that it exists out of four individual organisms known as Polyps. These Polyps work together to keep the jellyfish alive.

The various body parts of the Portuguese man of war:

1. Pneumatophore is the part of the jellyfish that you see floating. It’s really a balloon filled with gas (carbon dioxide ) and you can see it very clearly, if you saw one.

2. Dactylozooids these are the tentacles of the jellyfish that are essential to catch prays like fishes. Some of these arms are also used to bring the food to the feeding organism.

3. Gastrozooids the organism that digest all of the food.

4. Gonozooids the organism that is used for the breeding.

Below this gas-filled organ we can find the tentacles (Dactylozooids) that can grow up to 50 meters in length! They use these tentacles to paralyze their pray making it a lot easier to eat them.

The Portuguese Man Of War seems invincible, but like most animals it’s predators, such as the Loggerhead Turtle that eats these kinds of jellyfishes, they do not even care if it’s venomous tentacles or not.

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