Polar Bears

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You thought that you had a pretty stressful life. You ought to try being a polar bear afterward. Nowadays, it’s no picnic!

The beautiful polar bear is now showing signs of stress. It is (nearly) official!

It’s now widely thought that if the ice in the Arctic continues to melt at its current pace, polar bears could become extinct by the end of this century.

Some folks disagree, but the studies which have already been made are tough to ignore.

There are extreme changes underway in the Arctic – changes that will alter or destroy that landscape when it continues.

The climate change is their primary threat to surviving as a species.

As the ice is now melting earlier than in previous years and forming later. It leaves the polar bears with less time to hunt. The ice is their platform to hunt seals and so no seals means going hungry.

Adult males can weigh in excess of 1,500 pounds – that’s a good deal of bear!

Females are considerably smaller though and weigh up to 550 pounds.

If the polar bear looses too much weight then it will affect their ability to replicate.

The notion of this beautiful monster not being around anymore is heartbreaking.

Something needs to be done to help protect those that are left. I’m not sure what the answer is, but we can not sit back until it’s too late and think we ought to have done something!

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